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Taekwon-do Tenets

Courtesy Ye Ui: To be polite to instructor, seniors and fellow students.

Integrity Yom Chi: Honesty, being able to define right and wrong.

Perserverance In Nae: Always trying to achieve your ambitions, never stop trying.

Self Control Guk Gi: Never lose your temper, especially with your fellow students.

Indomitable Spirit Baekjul Boolgool: To show courage, determination and self belief when you are pitted against overwhelming odds.

Conduct in the Dojang


As much as the physical training is important, our Taekwon-do students should show respect to our instructors, Black Belts, referees and other authorities inside the dojang. This should be mirrored by showing respect for parents, teachers and friends outside the dojang.

Conduct in the Dojang

  • All students should bow upon entering and leaving the training hall Dojang.

  • Courtesy and respect should be shown towards all instructors and students at all times, both in and out of the dojang.

  • Student must answer clearly "yes sir" or "yes ma'am" to instructor at all times.

  • If you are late for class you must go to the front of the dojang and wait for the instructor to bow and signal for you to join the class.

  • Swearing and abusive language is not permitted in class at any time.

  • During training, the approved P.U.M.A. Taekwon-do uniform must be worn.

  • Always inform the instructor of any injuries you may have or if you feel unwell.

  • For safety, finger and toe nails should be kept short.

  • Remove all jewellery before training, plaster must cover new piercings.

  • Students should exchange greetings between themselves.

  • Turn around and adjust your uniform neatly prior to the class ending.


  • Parents / guardians are encouraged to stay and watch their children train, but are requested not to disturb any class instruction.

  • Parents/guardian must be present during Little Puma classes

  • Students wishing to train at another dojang for additional training should advise their instructor prior to visiting.

Membership fee and venue  change

  • Membership fees must be paid on the first day of each month.

  • Grading fees must be paid on the date specified by instructor.

  • Payment is to be made on a monthly basis regardless of level of attendance. Missed lessons may be made up where a suitable class is available.

  • In the event that there is a problem with the current venue location, class may move to alternative venue. We will give as much notice as possible of any changes.​


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