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About Us

As martial arts instructors we believe in not only teaching but also respecting our students. All students will be given the opportunity to learn in a fair and safe environment. There is no place in our school for bravado or intimidation.

We encourage all students to learn the Taekwondo values of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. Students will be expected to be respectful towards instructors and other students regardless of age, gender or level of ability.

Ladies Didcot Taekwondo

Head Instructor
Mrs Agnes Gardner III Dan

Mrs Agnes Gardner has been training and teaching over 10 years.

Mrs Gardner is an enthusiastic instructor who believes that Taekwondo shapes everyones character, confidence and self esteem will develop through training.

In Taekwondo, RESPECT is an import part of training.

The respect should not be only in Dojang but also followed in personal life.

Didcot Taekwondo head instructor

Mr Adam Gardner III Dan

Mr Adam Gardner has been training and teaching over 10 years.

As a primary school teacher Mr Gardner has experience teaching children aged 4-11.  He also has experience teaching children with special educational needs and disabilities.

Mr Gardner believes that all people should be give the opportunity to reach their full potential. 

Didcot Taekwondo uinstructor


Do you need more information about classes?

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Please contact us and one of our instructors will contact you to answer your questions.

We also teach in Chalgrove, Nettlebed and Watlington

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About P.U.M.A. 

P.U.M.A. Professional Unification of Martial Arts is lead by Master Ray Gayle 8th Degree Black Belt and Master Ogborne 7th Degree Black Belt.

Puma is a modern forward thinking organisation with an inclusive policy, so everyone is welcome.

The whole purpose of every instructor within the association is to help their students achieve their ultimate goals in life, whether it be fitness, self defence, self esteem or self control, so that the art can continue to flourish in years to come. Hence the saying " You can always do better than you think"  

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